Plate Floor

The units are manufactured from steel tables ensuring a very high standard of finish. The product is, therefore, suitable for applications where the soffit of the concrete slab is left exposed in the final case. The units are typically 60mm - 75mm deep and designed to act compositely with an in situ concrete topping. Units can be manufactured at any width to suit bay sizes up to a maximum of 3m. Typically 2.2m - 2.4m suits transportation.


• Large areas can be erected quickly and safely

• Designed to withstand heavy loading conditions

• Excellent sound insulation and fire resistant

• Designed to withstand exposure to weather

• Can accommodate irregular or complex building designs

• Integral lattice girder helps makes progressive collapse design easy

• Soffit can be left exposed saving on additional costs for suspended ceilings

• Dispenses with site shuttering

Design flexibility

• Irregular and complex shapes manufactured to suit contract requirements

• Service holes and cut outs accurately formed during manufacture

• Smooth flat soffit can take direct decoration and top surface can be power-floated reducing depth of overall floor zone

• Exposed soffit can be used to provide ‘thermal-mass’

• Single or two-way spanning design possible

• Thermally active floor units can be manufactured with integrated heating/cooling pipework utilising the thermal mass of the concrete units