Reducing our environmental impact

We are fully committed to minimising our environmental impact across all operations & have installed a Vestas V44 wind turbine at our Ardboe factory.


We know that our customers are increasingly conscious of the environmental impact of the products they choose and are looking for information to help them make informed decisions. 

Measuring and managing environmental impact is not only important for the planet and the communities in which we work, it is essential for the sustainability of our business.

ISO14001 is used as the basis to manage our environmental obligations for the setting and achievement of environmental targets for the company.

Best Available Technology (BAT) is employed where our works can affect the environment. We conduct assessment of the environmental impacts of new products and services before starting any new activity or project.

Creagh have recently purchased a Vestas V44 wind turbine with a hub height of 45.0m, which has been erected at our Ardboe factory. The turbine will generate 250kW of energy which will power the factory. Any surplus energy will be sold back to the grid.

We are committed to evaluating our produced Green House Gas emissions, in terms of electricity and fuel usage, with the aim of continually reducing emissions and implementing systems that are more environmentally friendly.

We manage our environmental impacts throughout the supply chain to ensure that all materials are responsibly sourced and measure our environmental performance by conducting regular environmental audits. 

We continually strive to improve our environmental performance to ensure that we are at the forefront of environmental innovation and best practice.

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