Homespan is a revolutionary concrete flooring system consisting of flat precast concrete planks generally 600mm wide and 150mm deep. Designed for residential use on both ground and first floor levels, it will carry domestic loading for spans up to 5m and is therefore cost effective.

Homespan slabs are manufactured to differing lengths to accommodate each housing type. These are supported by the internal cavity wall and span across the upper floor. Spaces between the slabs are grouted on-site producing a solid structural floor that resists differential movement. Electrical and plumbing services as well as insulation and underfloor heating sit on top of this solid structure, tucked away underneath a screed or timber floor. Once the floor has been fitted, time can also be saved in plastering as Homespan has a textured underside to allow for direct plastering, suspended ceilings can still be fitted if preferred.

Ground floor benefits

  • An ideal option, when a suspended floor is required (deeper than 600mm)
  • Enables house base to be filled with site spoil eliminating the need for expensive hardcore fill
  • Under floor heating is more efficient with a Homespan floor
  • Provides an instant flat, level and safe working platform for follow on trades
  • Installation is unaffected by weather
  • Reduces labour time on site

First floor benefits

• Offers superior sound insulation & reduces sound transfer cutting out the creaking of timber floors
• Installed in one day giving an immediate working platform
• Cost saving: no plywood required to board out the joists of a timber floor 
• No shrinkage unlike timber floors 
• Block partitions are constructed off 1st floor concrete, eliminating stud partitions
• Greater spans are achievable with concrete without going to greater depths

Homeowner benefits

  • A quiet home -reduces sound transmission such as creaking floors
  • Fire resistance -Homespan provides a minimum of one-hour fire resistance
  • Reduced ceiling cracks- after settlement, cracking is reduced as most cracks result from shrinkage of timber joists
  • Instant ceilings - a unique feature of Homespan is its rough soffit enabling plaster to be applied directly
  • Cost effective -Homespan is cheaper per m² than other concrete flooring systems
  • Earlier completion -guaranteed supply & fit within 10 days
  • Under floor heating -Homespan dries out within days enabling you to move into your home earlier

Got a Homespan enquiry? Get in touch...

Patricia Donnelly

Flooring Estimating Manager

07464 677815

Cyril Irvine

Sales Estimator

028 7944 9973

Homespan Load Spans

150mm + 75mm Sand / Cement Screed


Imposed Live Load in kN/m2 1.5 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.5 4.0 5.0 7.5
Maximum effective span in metres 5.1 5.0 4.0 4.8 4.7 4.6 4.4 4.0

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