Safety Manhole

Creagh slats offer a stay clean profile and non-slip surface to increase the comfort of livestock and promote rapid weight gain. They are designed in accordance with Eurocode 2 for loads given in BS5502 and are manufactured to the highest standards in accordance with BS EN 12737.


  • Stay clean profile & non slip surface
  • Wide foot piece - Increased comfort for livestock
  • Promotes rapid livestock weight gain
  • Tractor loading options
  • Suitable for pigs 30kg upwards
  • New slot size 18mm
  • 100mm depth: suitable for manual handling
  • Comprehensive design and fitting service

Got an enquiry?

Contact Aine McElroy

T: 028 7944 9941    M:  077645 33931

Available sizes

Safety Manhole Slat dimensions (mm)

1200 178 35 1800-3800, 3950, 4100, 4250
1200 225 35 4400, 4500, 4900, 5000

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