Redefining easy to install

Installed in minutes, not days.

Spantherm is an insulated, precast concrete unit (IPCU) flooring system designed specifically for residential and commercial ground floors.  By producing high performance insulated structural concrete units off-site we have redefined the speed of installing a fully insulated ground floor.  This is the next generation of structural flooring systems designed as the efficient alternative to labour intensive beam and block installations.


Spantherm is BBA & NSAI certified.

Why Choose Spantherm?


  • No additional site works or laying out required
  • A typical 90m² ground floor is installed in just 90 minutes
  • Provides level base without camber for timber frame or block construction
  • Installation is not affected by adverse weather conditions
  • Secondary screeds with extended drying times are not required



  • Service openings are precast for efficiency on-site
  • Zero waste on site
  • Zero storage of materials on site when using the supply and fit option
  • On-site labour radically reduced
  • "No void" option can significantly reduce extraction and spoil removal

Thermal Performance

  • Fully compliant with Part L 2022 regulations
  • Excellent U values with a choice of 3 performace options
  • Enhanced Psi values for use in SAP calculations
  • Reduced thermal bridging
  • Factory made for guaranteed on-site quality detailing



  • Eliminates variances in on-site labour and materials
  • Potential project savings within Part L
  • No hidden costs
  • Zero stock loss


  • Reduced site working - aids social distancing
  • Reduced manual handling of beams and blocks
  • Reduced exposure to wet concrete on-site
  • Reduced material deliveries / vehicular movements on-site
  • Secure working platform established quickly


Quality & Certification

  • Manufactured in factory conditions under a quality system certified to ISO 9001
  • All systems are BBA certified and CE marked
  • Accepted for use on NHBC registered sites
  • Factory build removes site variations of insulation detailing
  • Designed to all relevant BS EN standards

Watch our testimonial videos to see how it works

Outstanding Thermal Performance

Spantherm is a fabric first solution, integrating structural concrete with expanded polystyrene insulation. The tightly butted units lock in the thermal performance efficiently across the slab.

Part L 2022 Compliance

Spantherm is available in 3 performance options designed to boost your building’s performance within SAP.

Please refer to our table for floor performance based on actual Perimeter/ Area ratios.

Achieve U-value as low as  0.10W/m²K

Spantherm Plus based on a P/A ratio of 0.4

Reduced Cold Bridging

Spantherm is designed to reduce cold bridging at wall/ floor junctions making an important contribution to Part L performance.

The Psi values offer improvement over both the default and approved values within table K1 SAP 2012.

Typical Psi value*  0.11W/m²k


We offer 2 CPD's

"Developments in Offsite Concrete Technology" &

"Precast Concrete Flooring"

Book a lunchtime CPD at your premises (lunch is on us!)

Product Range

Thermal calculations have been carried out for a range of typical perimeter / area ratios in accordance with BS EN ISO 6946 and BS EN ISO 13370.

Spantherm Advance

Floor Element U Value 0.163 W/m²K

U Value of 0.13W/m²K

based on a P/A ratio of 0.4

U Value (W/m²K)

Perimeter / Area Ratio Spantherm Advance 90/90 = 0.038W/m²K
0.2 0.12
0.3 0.13
0.4 0.13
0.5 0.14
0.6 0.14
0.7 0.14
0.8 0.14
0.9 0.14
1.0 0.14

Spantherm Plus

Floor element U Value 0.135 W/m2K

U Value of 0.10W/m2K

based on a P/A ratio of 0.4

U Value (W/m²K)

Perimeter / Area Ratio Spantherm Plus 90/90 = 0.031W/m²K
0.2 0.10
0.3 0.11
0.4 0.11
0.5 0.12
0.6 0.12
0.7 0.12
0.8 0.12
0.9 0.12
1.0 0.12

Spantherm enquiry? Contact Us.

Neil McIvor

National Sales Manager

07739 916386

Marc Moore

GB Technical Sales

07825 726124

Declan Walls

Key Account Manager, Ireland

07801 030619

Barry McMullan

Key Account Manager, Ireland

07734 140133

Francis Purvis

Technical Sales, Ireland

07872 191062

Spantherm Load Spans

Domestic Live Load of 

No Partitions

Stud Partitions 
Blockwork Partition 
Floor Finish   Maximum Clear Span (MM)  
100mm Concrete Screed 6150 5850 5000
75mm Concrete Screed 6400 6050 5100
50mm Concrete Screed 6650 6250 5200
25mm Concrete Screed 6850 6500 5300
10mm self levelling compound* 6400 6050 5250


Note: based on unfactored domestic live load of 1.5kNm2 *Deflection is the limiting factor in this instance.

Spantherm requires a bearing of 100mm on masonry.  Units must be supported as per the construction detail provided for each project.

Partitions can be be built off the floor, when provided for in the design.  Generally 6kN/m blockwork walls run parallel to span (load shared between ribs of adjacent units).  Walls to be built off the floor will be indicated on layout drawings.

Garage Floors: to comply with the distributed load of 2.5kN/m2 or concentrated load of 9.0kN required for a domestic garage, Spantherm requires a minimum 50mm screed with a compressive strength of 25N/mm2 reinforced with A142 steel mesh applied directly.

Grout is used to bond the units together (C25/30 concrete with max aggregate size 10mm).

Please contact us for commerical load span details at


Psi Value Performance - Spantherm Plus

Psi value performance varies according to the wall configuration.

Detail Reference Thermal Transmittance PSI Value (ψ) Surface Temperature Temperature Factor (F) Temperature Factor (Pass/Fail)
Masonry (perpendicular) 0.109           (0.11) 17.65o 0.88 Pass
Masonry (parallel) 0.112           (0.11) 17.39o 0.87 Pass
Timber frame (perpendicular) 0.144           (0.14) 17.05o 0.85 Pass
Timber frame (parallel) 0.157           (0.16) 16.66o 0.83 Pass

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