Stratcathro Biogas, AD plant

Quality silage is essential for the success of any AD plant. Dow Waste approached Creagh to build a bespoke silage store, to help them achieve exceptional quality silage. They required an efficient, cost-effective solution that meets the
UK’s latest environmental requirements.
Creagh’s engineering team designed an innovative, bespoke prestressed hollowcore wall panel that was robust enough to meet their needs and withstand the stresses required. Prestressed hollowcore panels have a much higher resistance to loading and cracking than ordinary reinforced panels and can therefore absorb minor accidental damage, as well as heavy machinery weight.  Loadings for this project were:

• 7.5kN/m UDL
• VDL 23kN/m
• Point load 7.5kN

The silage stores were erected consisting of five clamps measuring 90m x 40m wide, with a 4m high wall to service the 1mw AD plant, allowing maximum compaction as machines can drive right up to the edge of the clamp to roll the shoulders. Floor levels were designed to collect
all silage effluents. Since installation, silage tests have been carried out to check the dry matter digestibility, protein, energy and pH levels, with very positive results. DOW have seen a reduction in loss as well as a significant improvement in the quality of the silage.

5 weeks completion time v 12 weeks traditional build
Cost effective - 30% cost saving on project
Improved silage tests results
Reduced silage wastage
Solid panel prevents vermin


Agriculture brochure

Project Overview

  • Client:
  • DOW Waste

  • Location:
  • Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Timescale:
  • 5 weeks completion

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